Course curriculum

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    Free Preview of video

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    Neuro Yoga Video

    • Neuro Yoga

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    Bonus practices!

    • Hand position for Nadi Shodhana (alternate nostril breathing)

    • Breath Practice- Nadi Shodhana, "Alternate Nostril Breathing"

    • Meditation- Breath Awareness


  • Who is this practice video for?

    This video was made for people with neurological conditions such as MS, Parkinson's and Stroke. It is also appropriate for someone with reduced mobility or for someone who wishes to practice Yoga whilst sitting down.

  • What are the benefits of practising?

    Yoga has been shown to help with physical things like mobility, flexibility, strength and balance. It has also been shown to help with stress, mood, pain, anxiety and overall wellbeing.

  • I'm not very steady standing up. Can i still do this video?

    All the practices within this video have options for sitting or standing. If you can stand safely with support you can position yourself close to a wall, table or worktop to provide extra support.

  • Do I need any equipment?

    No. You don't need anything other than a chair. If you choose to lie down for the end of the practice you may wish to have a cushion/pillow for your head and a blanket or clothing to keep warm.

  • Can I do this video more than once?

    Once you purchase the video you have access to it for 48 hours. You can follow the video as many times as you like within the 48 hours. After this time if you wish to follow the video again you would need to purchase it again, just as you would if attending an in person class.