Course curriculum

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    A Yoga Practice in a Lying Position

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    Bonus Practice!

    • Mantra meditation


  • Who is this practice video for?

    This Yoga practice is completed totally in a lying position. It is ideal for anyone working with anxiety, stress, fatigue, pain, insomnia or other similar conditions. It is also for someone where the best position to practice Yoga is in lying- perhaps due to changes in mobility, ability to sit/stand up or for anyone who enjoys a deep, meditative style of practice.

  • What are the benefits of practising lying down?

    Combining slow movements with conscious breathing can bring us out of a stress response state and into a more restful state. Activating the nervous system in this way has shown to be beneficial in pain management, aiding sleep and managing fatigue and anxiety.

  • 55 minutes is too long for me to keep exercising

    There is lots of opportunity to be still during the video, whilst keeping your awareness with your breath. This in itself can be a very deep practice. You can also skip or miss out some of the practice and join back in when you're ready. Or you could pause the video and rest and continue when you're ready or another time.

  • If I lie still for too long I find it difficult to walk/move afterwards or get pain.

    You can break the practice up and complete it in manageable chunks. You could also take a break to do some standing or movement and then restart. You may find that doing the practice at a time of day when you don't need to be active afterwards could be helpful.

  • Do I need any equipment?

    Have a look at the introduction video which talks about any equipment or props you can use. None of these are essential though and are only to aid comfort or movement.

  • Can I do this video more than once?

    Once you purchase the video you have access to it for 48 hours. You can follow the video as many times as you like within the 48 hours. After this time if you wish to follow the video again you would need to purchase it again, just as you would if attending an in person class.